Who we are

We are a remote, U.K. based team united by our values and determination to make it easier to be more sustainable and reward greener choices.

Verity H.

Vegan since 2015 with a background in operations, marketing and community building for social good consumer apps.

Verity is a trustee at Feeding Liverpool and a volunteer at consumer watchdog The Freedom Food Alliance as an active advocate for Good Food For All.

Verity is the author and curator of the Green Gazette mailing list, which shares green deals weekly for free to support planet-kind switches.

Verity also has a Biochemistry degree from the University of Liverpool.

Joey D.

Joey is a First Class Master of Mathematics & Statistics, specialised in Bayesian Filtering with a special interest in big data & AI.

He is also an avid tennis player and part time Maths tutor.

Passionate about promoting planet-kinder options and as a salad enthusiast, Joey also founded Joey's Jars in 2023.

Check Joey's Jars out here.

Joey is based in London, U.K.

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